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We're the team behind men's lifestyle blog, Buckets and Spades.

A couple of years' ago, brands started asking us if we could help them with their influencer marketing - so that's what we did.

Starting with our Men's Lifestyle Influencer Database, we began advising brands on how to work within influencers and who to work with; as well as developing strategies that will deliver an actual return on a brand's investment.

Keep on scrolling to learn more about what we do - or check out our work page for recent project examples.

Who we are

The City, London  | Nik Speller

The City, London | Nik Speller

"Influencers understand their audience and what compels that audience to pay attention to a brand - so get them involved in campaign planning"

Our latest post: Getting Naked With...interview

Let's start with something you'll enjoy, before we try the hard sell. 

Over on our blog, we're throwing out opinion, analysis, comment, and news on all sorts of topics relating to influencer marketing. The blog is fast becoming an invaluable read for anyone with an interest in influencer marketing. 

Recently, we've covered #instafraud, Instagram engagement, and asked whey the web doesn't embrace the concept of the negative click.

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Our blog


What we do

Influencer marketing isn’t easy. Finding a few popular people and getting them to pose with a product or two will almost always earn a brand nothing.

For influencer marketing to truly work, brands need to focus on their goals - and develop a strategy for working with influencers that will help them achieve these goals.

That’s what we do. We work with brands to develop meaningful influencer marketing strategies that deliver a genuine return on a brand’s investment.

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Inspired by Everyday Beauty  | Buckets and Spades

Inspired by Everyday Beauty | Buckets and Spades

Our database

We've compiled the definitive database of UK based men's lifestyle influencers.

With over 500 influencers, across 5 social networks, with a cumulative audience of some 30 million followers; if you're a brand looking to work with men's lifestyle influencers, getting hold of this is a no-brainer.

The good news, is that our database is available for free. All we want in return is your contact details. Sign-up to our mailing list and, each month, you'll receive the latest edition of our database.

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Love for the National Theatre  | Buckets and Spades

Love for the National Theatre | Buckets and Spades

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