Without a strategy, influencer marketing is a total waste of time and money.


Influencer Strategy

Too often, brands and marketing agencies engage in influencer marketing without a considered strategy in place - and then they're disappointed with the returns.

Influencer marketing is like any other branch of marketing: it needs a strategy.

This strategy should be linked to the objectives of the brand and help guide the selection of the influencers, the style, angle, and approach of the content they create, and how that content is published and promoted.

Galerie Perrotin by  Matthew Pike

Galerie Perrotin by Matthew Pike


We consider all of these things - and more.

We're experts at formulating strategies that actually result in tangible returns for a brand, rather than simply a mass of 'engagement metrics'  or some tenuously linked cause-and-effect between influencer activity and sales.

We've worked on strategies for business, big and small, global and tiny. 

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